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Year of the Horse at LA Art Book Fair

YearOfTheHorse_LAABF copy

New Territories Studio will be participating in the second annual LA Art Book Fair by Printed Matter from January 31-February 2, with a selection of Chinese zines, art books and indie publishing. In a stroke of synchronicity, the fair happens to coincide with the start of the Chinese Lunar New Year – extra auspicious, which is why we’re calling our table Year of the Horse. Please stop by and celebrate by buying some books! More information below:

Year of the Horse by New Territories Studio
For the 2014 LA Art Book Fair, Shanghai-based curatorial platform New Territories Studio presents a vibrant selection of materials from China’s current indie publishing scene. In collaboration with leading Chinese zine publishers, we will showcase a diverse array of zines, artist books, experimental comics and small-run journals, many of which have never been shown internationally before. We hope to not only show but contextualize this emerging movement in China’s contemporary art/design world, and spur more exchange between Chinese zinemakers and their overseas counterparts.

Printed Matter’s LA ART BOOK FAIR 2014
January 31- February 2, 2014
Opening: Thursday, January 30, 2014, 6–9 pm
The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA in Downtown Los Angeles

Hours and Location:
The LA ART BOOK FAIR is free and open to the public.
Opening: Thursday, January 30, 6–9 pm
Friday, January 31, 11 am-5 pm
Saturday, February 1, 11 am–6 pm
Sunday, February 2, 12 pm–6 pm

The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA
152 North Central Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 626-6222

LAABF Opening Party

For more information, email:

Under Permanent Construction

Like the Chinese urban landscape outside my window, my online presence seems to be under permanent construction. For the moment, here is some stuff:

Recent bio is here

New Territories Studio is the umbrella for my current and ongoing projects, click here for more info, and here to subscribe to the newsletter

For random field notes from the URL wilderness, my Twitter, Tumblr, and Weibo.

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POV by P.I.G. –
A new blog and online platform about moving images & digital creativity in/around China that I am launching in collaboration with a small media production studio in Shanghai, check it out here

Impakt Festival 2012 “No More Westerns” –
A media arts festival that I recently co-curated in Utrecht, Netherlands, info here – and to see our ongoing web platform exploring the topic, click here

Tulou Open House 2012 –
The inaugural site-specific residency and creative conference I co-curated this June in a traditional earthen house in Fujian province, info here

“Paper Instinct” –
A project exploring indie publishing & artists’ books in China which kicked off at Beijing Design Week 2012, as a collaboration between Beijing design studio JOYNVISCOM, New Territories Studio, Bananafish Books and others, more info here

Tulou Open House – Preview Event in Hong Kong

In case you’re in Hong Kong, for ARTHK or otherwise, please stop by the Tulou Open House preview event on May 14 – this project has been in the works for quite a while, and we’re very excited to finally share it. Official press release to follow.

Tulou Open House: Project Preview in Hong Kong
Monday, May 14, 3 – 5pm
Afterschool Cafe
2/F, 17 Yun Ping Road, Causeway Bay
銅鑼灣恩平 道17號2樓
RSVP to Samantha Culp,

This Monday, please swing by Afterschool Cafe for a preview of the Tulou Open House project 2012 – a temporary, site-specific creative experiment and mini-conference taking place this June at a traditional Tulou (round earthen house) in Fujian Province. During this open-ended “expedition”, a diverse group of artists and scholars from greater China will explore the structure, symbolism, and everyday life of the Tulou as a laboratory for new projects and collaborations, a fresh lens for the concept of creative community, and a potential site for expansive future projects at the Tulou and beyond. The event will culminate in a public “Open House” event on the weekend of June 8-10, which is open to visitors and the local community alike, and will stage a program of talks, screenings, workshops, performances, guided tours, and artistic interventions.

On Monday, organizers Dana Wu (Friends of the Tulou) and Samantha Culp (New Territories Studio) will present an overview of the project, discuss its background and goals, and lead a conversation with HK-based Tulou participants and others who might like to join or learn more.

>>> QUESTIONS/CONTACT/MEDIA — 问题/联系/媒体 <<<

Border Studies Tumblr for Rapidfire Visual Inspiration

Announcing “Border Studies“, a haphazard collection of visual inspiration from New Territories Studio. While the more formal New Territories blog/site is still under construction, check here for fragments pulled from the lucid dreaming experience that is Tumblr in 2011.

Threads: Asia, art, landscapes, cultural remixing, the aesthetics and problematics of exploration, absurd and arresting images

See it here.

Talent Scout at Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai

(click for the more annoying GIF)

Recently I became the “creative talent scout” for Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai – their first in this somewhat bizarre-sounding role, I believe. I’ll be helping to expand W+K’s network of emerging Chinese talent and pool of creative collaborators (with an emphasis on China, but also across Asia and internationally).

I’ll also be curating an events program in our office here, open to the Shanghai creative community at large, to bring in cross-disciplinary inspiration and strengthen W+K Shanghai as a local creative hub.

See the full announcement here, and see you around – I will be the one with binoculars “scouting” high and low!

Future Strategies: Why Chinese Independent Cinema Should Sell Out

(Catalogue, 7th China Independent Film Festival, Oct 2010)

Vacant World, Jacks (1968)

A track for the impending autumn, from influential yet short-lived Japanese band Jacks. More on their history here.

“からっぽの世界”, ジャックス, 1968
(“Vacant World,” Jacks, 1968)

03 からっぽの世界

HO TZU NYEN: RECENT VIDEOS – Special Screening in Shanghai


It’s a pretty insane week here in Shanghai, as the “back-to-school” activities of the artworld commence, but truly looking forward to an event I’ve helped organize for this Sunday evening: two recent works by Singaporean filmmaker Ho Tzu-Nyen, to be screened in association with my friends at Future Perfect, and hosted by the just-barely-soft-opened Shanghai branch of Café Sambal. (Many thanks to Cho Chong Gee of Sambal for graciously supporting the event!)

If you find yourself in Shanghai this Sunday, please do attend – it should be a relaxing, atmospheric end to a crazy week.



Flying Bird from Samantha Culp on Vimeo.

New Territories (Under Construction)

Teaser for New Territories – experimental studio for research and production – full site coming soon (more…)

Short Stays Premiere

At long last, Short Stays had its premiere at The Opposite House on May 18. See some snapshots here…


Photos from Short Stays: the Making Of

Click below to play a slideshow of the Short Stays film stills and making of…

Link to set on Flickr.

Short Stays – Premiere May 18

Short Stays, the film project I produced for The Opposite House hotel in Beijing, will have its long-awaited premiere on May 18. Read more on the Short Stays website.

3 Short Films by / 三个短片
Zhao Ye / Liu Jiayin / Peng Lei


The World of Already (Shanghai Expo Opens)

Mexico Pavilion

“It returns the child’s eye to the retinas of men. Emerging from subway, [taxi] or even hydrofoil, the visitor to the [Shanghai Expo 2010] feels that he is in a special world, full of runaway pylons, impossible cantilevers, and buildings that look like flowers or accidents of flowing lava.

Is it the future? Not exactly.”

This John McPhee surveying the 1964 New York World’s Fair in his essay “Fairs: The World of Already,” but he could just have equally been describing the Shanghai Expo. Some photos from the still-unfolding, barely-comprehensible spectacle.

Slideshow of May 1 (on Flickr):

Slideshow of May 2 (on Flickr):

罗伯特卡尔普 (1930-2010)



Great Strides in Sino-Islamic Cultural Exchange


Wekipedia bread

Wekipedia Bread

Who knew that Wikipedia made baguettes in China?

Lunar Neue Jahr in Berlin


The start of the Year of the Tiger was icy but beautiful in Berlin… Full set here.

Happy 2010!


Free Lighters

IMG_5292.JPG IMG_5290.JPG IMG_5291.JPG
At Shanghai’s Hongqiao airport, there are now baskets of free lighters to greet arrivals passengers who undoubtedly had their lighters confiscated before their flight. I had a hard time choosing, but finally settled on a hot pink clear one inscribed with the legend, “punchtobacco”.

Shanghai Pups

Spotted near Huaihai Lu on an autumn afternoon.


These little guys appeared to be informal ambassadors for the upcoming 2010 Shanghai Expo… way cooler than the dreaded Haibao.

Shanghai Pups (上海小狗) from Samantha Culp on Vimeo.


(Daido Moriyama, “How to Create a Beautiful Picture 6: Tights in Shimotakaido“, 1987)

Before I headed to Tokyo, I did a Google search for “Shimotakaido,” the neighborhood where my friend Patrick Tsai lives and where he was graciously allowing me to crash. One of the first results was this awesome 1987 photo-series by renowned Japanese photographer Daido Moriyama – fitting, as Patrick is also a photographer and a big Moriyama fan.


Light and Wonder


A short review I did on “Light Streams,” the current show at Center for Cosmic Wonder in Tokyo, is up at Read online here or in the vault. See some pictures from the show below.


Escape from Beijing

[Tokyo, Japan]


Since Beijing was preoccupied with military parade mania over the October holiday, it seemed like a good time to escape to Tokyo.

Full set here.
Bonus: learn Chinese from an animated panda on Japanese television.

Light Streams

(Artforum Online, Oct 2009)


Shanghai Style

IMG_4623 copy

My rambling notes from the week of SHContemporary are up at Artforum China; read the full article online here or in the vault. They didn’t end up using all of my pictures, however, so here are a few extras below…


“Pawnshop” at The Shop

(Opposite House Blog, Sep 2009)


Jiang Zhi’s “Attitude”

(Opposite House Blog, Sep 2009)


Postcards from ShContemporary

(Artforum China Online, Sep 2009)


Iranian Funk


Currently up at NPR is a great mini-set of 70s Iranian funk, collected by Egon of Stones Throw Records. It’s part of their ongoing Funk Archaeology series, and features tracks by some folks I’ve never heard (like the sitar-and-Afrobeat-infused Mehr Pooya and beach-psych-y Kourosh Yagmhei) as well as my old favorite, Googoosh (or Googoush, or گوگوش, all of which apparently mean “Swanhawk,” which is extra cool).